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DYK: Apple's Home Pod Ships Today

Apple just entered the smart speaker competition with their latest “HomePod” system. Shipping for their speakers, constructed with a built-in voice assistant, is scheduled for this Friday, February 9th. But how does Apple’s latest creation compare to other top smart speaker brands?

Samsung's Ad Game was Surprisingly Strong in 2017

If there was a contest, we'd say Samsung won the advertising game for 2017. Whether you’re pro-Apple or pro-Android, their “Growing Up” commercial successfully displays their latest product while prodding at Apple’s flaws over the years, such as the iPhone’s notoriously poor battery life and their earlier models’ defect of running out of storage space for photos.

6 Tips for Targeting Millennial's through Marketing Design

As Spotify and Hulu join forces to create a package for students and Apple rolls out its 10th version of an iPhone, there is a consistent push toward targeting the millennial demographic among most current business ventures. When approached by clients to design advertisements, work on branding, or anything else related to marketing, you’ll often hear the desperate urge to reach the young adult audience. While yes, it is important to target a younger audience, it’s also important not to ostracize them as if millennials and members of “Generation Z,” are rare and elusive creatures.