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AR in the Everyday World

Augmented reality is already making big steps in the world of technology and design (you can read more about the history of AI here). Doctors are practicing surgeries on AR platforms and archaeologists are able to look at and participate with sites digitally. While there are many beneficial uses of AR technology, there is also controversy surrounding it. What happens when augmented reality is implemented into common spaces, such as schools or malls? While the long-term effects and uses of AR are unknown, here’s what is already being put into practice in these every day places.

A.I. Games to Get You Through the Workday

Artificial Intelligence is on the rise in an effort to make companies and technology as efficient as possible; however, that doesn’t mean that we can’t also have a little fun with it! Here is a glimpse into some platforms that are using AI for rankings, gaming, and as useful generators.

What does The Creative have to do with ConceptDrop?

What is The Creative?

The Creative is our exclusive network of freelancers all over the world that have access to projects from global companies of all sizes. We accept less than 2% of freelancers who apply. Each are pre-vetted and chosen for their expertise, professionalism, and craftsmanship. Our Creatives have worked for top brands around the world like Nike, LG, Sony, TBS, Cartoon Network, and Xfinity. The Creative blog is not only a way to stay up to date with what’s going on at ConceptDrop, but also an online space for Creatives to find career development tools, articles, tutorials, and more - all related to their field of work.