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The Creative World: Collaborative or Competitive?

Does this sound familiar? You’re in your last year of college, finishing up your degree. You and a classmate are both submitting your portfolio to the same job opportunity. Naturally, the competition is on. In the creative market, collaboration is often overlooked due to the small number of positions, scholarships, jobs, residencies, etc. available. Creative spaces suddenly become cut-throat environments because how else can you stand out in the world of [insert creative medium here]?

Olympic Design, Takes the Gold

The 2018 winter Olympics are in full swing! While we only experience an Olympics every two years, Olympic committees are constantly occupied with event planning and design for future games. As we discussed in our blog post entitled “The 2022 Olympic Logo takes the Gold,” Beijing just released their logo for the 2022 games (aka the next time we’ll be huddling around the TV during a snowstorm to watch people ice luge and figure skate).

6 Tips for Targeting Millennial's through Marketing Design

As Spotify and Hulu join forces to create a package for students and Apple rolls out its 10th version of an iPhone, there is a consistent push toward targeting the millennial demographic among most current business ventures. When approached by clients to design advertisements, work on branding, or anything else related to marketing, you’ll often hear the desperate urge to reach the young adult audience. While yes, it is important to target a younger audience, it’s also important not to ostracize them as if millennials and members of “Generation Z,” are rare and elusive creatures.

What does The Creative have to do with ConceptDrop?

What is The Creative?

The Creative is our exclusive network of freelancers all over the world that have access to projects from global companies of all sizes. We accept less than 2% of freelancers who apply. Each are pre-vetted and chosen for their expertise, professionalism, and craftsmanship. Our Creatives have worked for top brands around the world like Nike, LG, Sony, TBS, Cartoon Network, and Xfinity. The Creative blog is not only a way to stay up to date with what’s going on at ConceptDrop, but also an online space for Creatives to find career development tools, articles, tutorials, and more - all related to their field of work.

Breaking the Misconception behind ROI and Design

The return of investment on design is a notoriously hard measurement to quantify. While the value as a function itself is hard to isolate, many companies understand the numerous ways investing in design helps their organizations. Fortunately, thanks to the Design Management Institute (DMI), we can now put a number to the role design plays in companies’ success.

The DMI, a Boston-based nonprofit focused on design management, performed an aggregate study on design-centric organizations. Based on certain set of criteria, 75 were chosen and cross compared to the Standard & Poor 500- a stock market index of 500 large publicly traded companies over 5 years.

We love you, Gotham. But…

Gotham, we adore your stately and geometric shape. You’re beautifully gender neutral (especially for originally being created for GQ magazine to look “masculine, new, and fresh”) and we can use you in practically any setting! You never fail to look clean and polished.But… we’re a bit tired of seeing your font family ev-er-y-where we turn.