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Google Updates Gmail for First Time Since 2011

new gmail-01.jpg

As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers - including major changes to Gmail. Google just released their updated email service, which is the first time the company has officially tampered with its interface since 2011. Here’s what you now get on the new platform.

3 A.I. Games to Get You Through the Workday

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Artificial Intelligence is on the rise in an effort to make companies and technology as efficient as possible; however, that doesn’t mean that we can’t also have a little fun with it! Here is a glimpse into some platforms that are using AI for rankings, gaming, and as useful generators.

The Creative World: Collaborative or Competitive?


Does this sound familiar? You’re in your last year of college, finishing up your degree. You and a classmate are both submitting your portfolio to the same job opportunity. Naturally, the competition is on. In the creative market, collaboration is often overlooked due to the small number of positions, scholarships, jobs, residencies, etc. available. Creative spaces suddenly become cut-throat environments because how else can you stand out in the world of [insert creative medium here]?


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