May the 4th be with You

Star Wars nerds unite and May the fourth be with you! Over the last decade, companies of all kinds (and not just Disney) have been taking advantage of this niche celebration to promote their services. Here are a few of our favorite campaign examples over the past few years.

Happy National Small Business Week!

At ConceptDrop, we enjoy collaborating with companies of all sizes, across a variety of industries, to create exceptional design and copywriting materials. These companies range from small organizations and startups to large corporations like Orbitz, Patron Spirits, and Mars. However, in honor of this week-long “holiday”, we’re highlighting a handful of projects our ConceptDrop freelancers have created for small businesses.

Extreme Makeover: Design Edition

Sometimes companies can be slow to update their look and outdated branding (i.e. in the form of logos, graphics, websites, posters, apps, etc.) can hurt a company’s credibility. Branding is important (see our previous posts on branding evolution and brandless trends) because it is ultimately the first tangible aspect of a company for consumers to recognize.

While some franchises may take a long time to change their designs, here are a few that have recently realized that their designs needed a refresher. In our opinion, it was worth the wait...

7 Things to Never Say to a Designer

Do you ever feel like your friends, family members, and/or coworkers don’t quite understand what you do as a designer? Well, we decided to compile a list of lines designers never want to hear (because who doesn’t love a good laugh and a bit of empathy during the work week?).

5 Inspiring Women in Tech, Marketing, and Design

In case you didn’t know, March 8th is International Women’s Day: a day to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide. At ConceptDrop, we love to highlight our creatives and creative professionals. So, in honor of this celebratory day, we decided to feature a few outstanding women in the technology and marketing industry that you should definitely keep on your radar.

Inspiration for Inspiration

February can be a monotonous month. The December holiday/NYE craze has settled. We are in a routine and sometimes inspiration can be stunted. There are obvious things we can do to get inspired such as stepping away from our work desk to take a walk, going to a gallery, listening to music, or looking at the work of another designer we admire. However, sometimes we may find that by doing these things we still remain frustrated and compare ourselves to the experts in a negative way. So, in preparation to combat the winter slump, here are some easy ways we are finding inspiration this month...

The 1 Trick to Breaking Creative Block

“When starting out a new post”…. No, that’s not right. “It’s important to keep in mind when writing that”… wait, that won’t work. “In a world”… hold on, that’s not even close. This can often be a typical thought process for many people when they first start out a new project. For creative minds everywhere, ideas can be abundant but turning them into tangible works is one of the hardest parts.

The Evolution of Branding: Website Design (Part IV)

Much like it is important to update aspects of your brand like logos and packaging design (as seen in Part II and III of this series on the Evolution of Branding), maintaining a fresh and up-to-date website is crucial as well. A lot of time, money, and energy can go into re-creating a website, so thankfully there’s plenty of website redesign examples out there. Here are a few of our favorites...

The Evolution of Branding: Packaging Design & Overall Experience (Part III)

For any given company or business, there tends to be a re-branding or redesign of aspects of their brand as consumer preferences change and shift over time. In the past year, there have been multiple brands that have created an entirely new design concept for their packaging. Let’s take a look at some examples of companies that have recently changed their branding for the better.

The Evolution of Branding: Logos (Part II)

As talked about in Part I of this series, branding is crucial to the success of a business, whether a large company with thousands of employees or an individual working out of their home office. And just like definition of the word has evolved, the brand of established companies like Nike, Lego, and Subway have evolved has as well. Here are a few of our favorite examples of major companies that have changed their logo, and ultimately brand, over time.

The Evolution of Branding (Part I)

Branding. It’s a term today that permeates every industry. We see branding inspiration from sources like Beyonce’s LemonadeNike’s strong identity of “cool”, and, of course, Apple, who’s brand value is currently at a whopping $170 billion. Nowadays, it’s not only important for companies to establish and advertise their brand, but just much for artists too. We are, after all, selling our talent and work, just like companies are selling a product or services. But before you begin your innovative and compelling brand campaign (whether as a company or individual), let’s talk about the origin of the word.

Before and After: A Few of Our Favorite Transformations

Our creatives take a client's content – no matter the level of refinement – and transform it into professionally designed marketing collateral, daily. From presentations to infographics to flyers, we take pride in the stunning, handcrafted assets our designers deliver right into the client's inbox. Here are a few of our many favorite projects.

How to Stay Motivated, Innovative, and Original: The Creator's Juggling Act

To anyone working on their craft and pursuing passion projects, it can be hard to stay motivated if your daytime job isn’t aligned with your creative side. As for others, the overwhelming surge of the digital age and production of the day’s shiny new app, artwork, or invention, staying innovative feels daunting. However, staying original and authentic to one’s creative self can be the most challenging when being pulled in so many different directions.

In a world where virtually anything can be found, ordered, made, or developed at the palm of your hands, it’s increasingly difficult to keep the creative juices flowing. Here are my tips for handling what I call, “The Creator’s Juggling Act”, and how to thrive...

What's in a Word? Tips on Finding the Right Voice

While it might be tempting to always (and quickly) write in a voice we find most comfortable for ourselves, it is important to remember that each project has its own voice and identity. But even with the most detailed project brief and perfect means of client-writer communication, this identity and voice of a project might not be entirely clear right away!

So how can writers get past this initial block and create exceptional content for both ConceptDrop and personal clients alike? I’ve come up with a few tips to help get the creative voices singing, and help to make a client’s ideal concept become a perfect reality.

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