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7 Things to Never Say to a Designer

7 Things to Never Say to a Designer

Do you ever feel like your friends, family members, and/or coworkers don’t quite understand what you do as a designer? Well, we decided to compile a list of lines designers never want to hear (because who doesn’t love a good laugh and a bit of empathy during the work week?):

1. “Can you whip up something for me?”

Design takes a lot of thought, mental elbow grease, and skillful techniques. We want to deliver the best work possible every time and that is rarely something that can happen quickly.

2. “Can you make a design just like this one?”

If one designer is asked to create something similar to another designer’s work, copyright issues can arise (which you can read more about here). And, at the end of the day, designers prefer to work in their own style while keeping in mind an example from another that a client likes.

3. “So are you going to be a starving artist?”   

There is often a misconception as to the career options a degree in design can offer. However, designers (or any employees in a creative field, really) often have more responsibilities than meets the eye. These days, demand for great design is higher than ever, as they are crucial to the framework of a company’s brand.

4. “I can’t pay you for this, but it’ll be great for your portfolio!”

Sure, it’s possible that designers just starting out in their careers might be willing to do projects for free as a resume booster; but doing work for free is almost never tolerated. Just like any other trade, there are certain skills involved that deserve compensation. The amount you pay a designer might fluctuate based on their education, experience, location, and so on, but no designer should ever provide work entirely for free.

5. “Why don’t you like Comic Sans?”

Whether inside or outside the designer world, Comic Sans is a poor font choice. Period. It’s a font that has childlike associations and lacks sophistication. Plus, there's so many great fonts already available on your PC or Mac! Just trust us on this one.

6. “Use this image I found online.”

Similar to #2, designers would prefer to work from scratch rather be in a situation of copyright law infringement. In addition, very few high quality photos are “fair use,” meaning we can use them in booklets, brochures, etc. For this case, it is better to use original designs over a photo online.

7. “Can you make this in Word so I can edit it later on?”

Designer’s Adobe files, like .ai or .psd, unfortunately, cannot be translated into Word or any other Microsoft programs. In addition, these non-designer programs are often limiting and restricting. Would you rather have a flawless, ornate end product or something less polished that you can edit later on? The choice is up to you.

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