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Happy National Small Business Week!

At ConceptDrop, we enjoy collaborating with companies of all sizes, across a variety of industries, to create exceptional design and copywriting materials. These companies range from small organizations and startups to large corporations like Orbitz, Patron Spirits, and Mars. However, in honor of this week-long “holiday”, we’re highlighting a handful of projects our ConceptDrop freelancers have created for small businesses.

Inspiration for Inspiration

February can be a monotonous month. The December holiday/NYE craze has settled. We are in a routine and sometimes inspiration can be stunted. There are obvious things we can do to get inspired such as stepping away from our work desk to take a walk, going to a gallery, listening to music, or looking at the work of another designer we admire. However, sometimes we may find that by doing these things we still remain frustrated and compare ourselves to the experts in a negative way. So, in preparation to combat the winter slump, here are some easy ways we are finding inspiration this month...